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Traci Lords enjoys wild sex with ripped BBC

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Kinky interracial fuck action inside the bathroom

Busty Traci Lords gets dirty just before she lets her BBC fuck pal take a shower. Teasing him inside the bathroom in her kinky lingerie got them right into action and they had it all on this clip. Lords gives this hottie a nice blowjob and made him fuck her deep until he fills her mouth with his cum.

Sexy ass Traci Lords having hardcore sex with lover

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Traci Lords was a wild child. She got pregnant from having tons of casual sex at the age of 16 and had her baby aborted just so she could have more sex without the excess baggage. This landed her a job in the adult industry, doing what she enjoys and love doing, until she became an adult and still having hardcore sex with any man she pleases. This is one of her leaked sex tapes that has been driving people mad as they watch her go gaga sucking on her lover’s dick and riding it on her cunt and ass. She sounded like a bitch in heat, to be honest, while having the time of her life fucking her horny lover in the nude, going breathless with every thrust. She kept on licking and sucking and banging and grinding until her boy toy moans and says he’s about to cum. Lords rubs her clit harder and fucked rougher until she herself came and they felt each other’s bodily fluids explode in each other’s bodies. This brought back wild and other hardcore memories from her younger days and she just got better in sex now.

Horny naked Traci Lords having a hot hardcore sex with her boy toy

Classic blowjob videos of Traci Lords

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Traci Lords may be considered as one of the most controversial porn stars ever to come out in the adult industry back in the 80’s because of her young and innocent looks and insatiable appetite for hardcore sex in front of the camera. It was later proven that Traci was only fifteen years old when she made her first porn flick entitled What Gets Me Hot! and her life as a fast-rising porn star was marred with controversy that involved the use of drugs and other issues. Long after that she dabbled herself in acting for mainstream films which showed her prowess as a genuine actress.

Though she may have veered away from her dark past as the hottest porn star back then, it wouldn’t hurt to look back at her glory years where you got to see her fully naked, sucking cocks and getting fucked with some of the hottest porn scenes she made and we compiled them in one video collection where you get nothing but Traci Lords licking and sucking cocks and getting cummed on. So get a dose of her steamy blowjob videos by clicking here and reminisce the good ol’ days with the one and only Traci only at Traci Lords Nude today.

The Naughty Traci Lords Jazzthetics Exercise Video

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

From every decade, there’s something from Traci Lords that we can use to get aroused and have a good time (by ourselves and a tube of lube), and if the 80s had her hardcore porn stuff, and this century has her men’s magazine photo spreads and “Zack and Miri Make A Porno“, then the 90s had her cheap B-movies and her exercise video!  Those cheap genre films of hers are a hoot, there’s no doubt, and she does get topless or nude in them quite a lot, but for some really fine stroke material that you don’t have to keep rewinding because of its short length, then Traci Lord’s Jazzthetics exercise video is the way to go!  Just check out these screencaps from that production and tell me you aren’t thinking of Tracy thrusting up against an invisible penis.  And it’s so easy to imagine her doing these exercises totally naked, which makes this the best exercise video for those who want to work out one of their arms, if you know what I mean!  If you don’t, then get a clue, and click on this link to check out even raunchier stuff from our lovely porn goddess