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Traci Lords And Her Underage Onscreen Fucking

Monday, September 13th, 2010

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Traci Lords will probably never escape her notorious past as an underage porn queen. At the tender age of 14, she dropped out of high school, ran away from home, and got into some really fucked up kinky shit. With the help of a fake ID and birth certificate listing her as an adult, this teen hottie began making hardcore adult films. In her porn movies, Traci sucked tons of cocks and got fucked in every which way. This blonde slut became a wildly popular star, appearing in between 80-100 features over the period two years. Then then FBI found out that she was actually underage.

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When Traci’s underage status became public knowledge, her porn movies, which featured her underage pussy getting fucked by hundreds of guys, were immediately rendered illegal and removed  from virtually every video rental shelf in the country. Traci Lords was blacklisted by the adult entertainment industry as punishment for the potential legal difficulties she’d caused anyone associated with her films. To see more of this sexy bad girl who took the whole porn industry for a ride, check out these hot nude photos of Traci Lords.

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The Naughty Traci Lords Jazzthetics Exercise Video

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

From every decade, there’s something from Traci Lords that we can use to get aroused and have a good time (by ourselves and a tube of lube), and if the 80s had her hardcore porn stuff, and this century has her men’s magazine photo spreads and “Zack and Miri Make A Porno“, then the 90s had her cheap B-movies and her exercise video!  Those cheap genre films of hers are a hoot, there’s no doubt, and she does get topless or nude in them quite a lot, but for some really fine stroke material that you don’t have to keep rewinding because of its short length, then Traci Lord’s Jazzthetics exercise video is the way to go!  Just check out these screencaps from that production and tell me you aren’t thinking of Tracy thrusting up against an invisible penis.  And it’s so easy to imagine her doing these exercises totally naked, which makes this the best exercise video for those who want to work out one of their arms, if you know what I mean!  If you don’t, then get a clue, and click on this link to check out even raunchier stuff from our lovely porn goddess

Modern Traci Lords Pin-Ups

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Sure, most of us know Traci Lords because of her raunchy past, and those naughty pics and videos that come with it.  Those sexy pics showing her during her heyday and at the top of her form have given us lots of carnal pleasure, I’m sure.  And that’s not even including those XXX movies she did when she was younger, and which you can’t find through the normal channels.  But while most of us have been fixated on the pornographic Traci Lords of the past, she’s slowly been maturing into a mainstream actress and one hot MILF!

Yes, that’s right, that former underage porn star and barely legal hottie is now pushing 40, and she’s a hot and lusty 40 at that!  Check out these recent Traci Lords pin-up pics from raunchy men’s magazines like FHM and Maxim.  They aren’t Penthouse, that’s for sure, but we can still get aroused by Traci’s sheer sexiness in these photographs.  Whether it’s Traci Lords in bikinis or Traci Lords nude, we can always count on her to turn us on and keep us whacking off our wang every time she appears in a magazine.