Traci Lords Nude

It’s just the right time to take another look at our favorite porn-star-slash-Hollywood-celebrity, Traci Lords.  Before Jenna Jameson was starring in zombie flicks with Robert Englund, Traci was breaking out of the porno ghetto by doing indies, B-movies, TV shows and releasing dance albums.  If she wasn’t the first crossover celebrity from the adult movie world, she was certainly the biggest.

I mean, this was Traci Lords, who started out in porn at 15, by lying about her age.  She probably inspired more guys to blow their wad, even before she turned legal on her 18th birthday, than any but the biggest of the current crop of adult film stars!  I know I discovered her through her sizzling hot porn when I was a teen, and that was “Traci, I Love You“, the only legally available porn film of hers, which she did when she was 18, which is why I’m a fan of whatever she does out of it.  Watching Traci Lords nude and doing dirty things wasn’t just a regular one-time experience, it was a rite of passage!

It’s not like her non-porno work is bad, either.  One of her earliest mainstream movie roles was in “Cry-Baby“, from cult director John Waters, which was Johnny Depp‘s first starring film after his teen idol days on “21 Jump Street”.  She was also in another John Waters film, “Serial Mom”, and had a small part in Wesley Snipes’ first “Blade” movie.  Her TV work is also nothing to sneeze at, as she’s appeared on numerous programs, from “MacGyver” to “Melrose Place” to “Gilmore Girls”, and was even a supporting villain for the second season of “Profiler“.

That’s decades of mainstream work, and she’s still going strong, with a part in the highly-anticipated Kevin Smith film set for a 2008 release, “Zack And Miri Make A Porno“.  Now you understand why I said it’s a great time to revisit thoughts of Traci Lords.  I can’t think of an actress more perfect to appear in a film with a title like that, can you?  So check out Traci Lords Nude, because if you haven’t seen her in action, you can’t really say that you’re a porn aficionado.  And what horndog out there wants that kind of rep to be attached to his name?

Besides, once you see all that kinky, raunchy Traci Lords pics and videos, you’re going to be a card-carrying fan for life, if you aren’t one already.  Plus, you’ll be creaming hard all over your PC screen, guaranteed!